Great (And Affordable) Ideas To Enhance Your Yard

Posted on: May 23rd, 2016 by admin

They say a man’s home is his castle. If that’s true, then a man’s backyard is his Garden of Eden. It is his refuge from the world and his break from the daily grind. It is where he entertains his guests, where he unwinds from his day, and where he takes pride in that all important manly skill: grilling.

That means having a great backyard is important. The problem is, it can also be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to have a terrific backyard space with fantastic Bayville landscaping that won’t gut your savings. Here are a few ideas to help make that happen:

Fire Pit Area

Fire pits can get fancy and elaborate, but they don’t need to be in order to have a relaxing space to unwind. With some very affordable stone from your local mason you can create a simple fire pit – no experience needed! You don’t need to mortar or anything of the sort. The ability to stack stones is all you need. Surround the area with simple, rugged wooden yard furniture – the classic picnic bench is a great all-purpose and affordable option – and you’ll have a great spot to sip a few drinks and smoke a few cigars. If you want to get really fancy, buy extra stone and wall in a portion of this area with a two or three foot stone wall. Again, no mortar needed, only the ability to stack some stones in a uniform way.

Easy Patio Area

The patio can often be the centerpiece of a backyard, but it can also be a costly addition if you go all out with a complete stone patio, planters, and so on. An easy and affordable option anyone can do is a mixed “half patio.” Simply drop some pavers into the ground, not snuggly close together but spaced a little apart. Up to a foot between pavers is okay! You’ll create a defined around and provide some flat surface on which tables, chairs and so on can rest without having to redo your entire yard in stone. Yes, this will mean you’ll have to maintain this area of the yard – weeds and grass will continue to grow between the pavers – but the tradeoff is no need to power wash a highly expensive stone patio (or to invest in that patio in the first place). You won’t even need a Toms River landscaper to do it for you.

The Classic Lawn

Here’s the easy one: rely on the classic American lawn for a great yard! An expanse of green looks great and will make your yard feel more spacious than it actually is. You’ll have the room to do anything you please. You can put in trampolines, inflatable pools, outdoor furniture, portable fire pits, and much more, plus you’ll have room to throw the ball around, play horseshoes, practice your chipping, and more. The best thing is that the lawn maintenance is easy. Just grab a beer, start your mower, and get to work.

There are dozens of other ideas that can enhance your yard without breaking the bank. Check back for more in future columns and you’ll be living the life you always dreamed of!

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